Scepter of Domination

by Velvet Rainne

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"That’s a good little slut, now get to work and show us what you can do." The massive man ordered.

In a sudden change of events, Mayor Rick Reynold and his security Massive Security Guard Jameson are able to free themselves from house arrest. They set out in a mission of revenge to track down Nathan Schroeder and the Mayor’s wife Samantha. They head out to Nathan’s grandfather’s estate, but when they get there they don’t find what they were looking for.

Instead, they are greeted by Nathan’s brother Raymond and his girlfriend Emily in the midst of steamy love making. But when Rick stumbles across the Scepter of Domination, all hell breaks loose and sexy Emily is immediately turned into a submissive bimbo. Falling uncontrollably for Rick and his dark security guard’s massive manhood. The powers of the scepter are too much for Emily and she can’t resist the urge to cuckold Raymond into oblivion.

This book is an erotic short and is book 10 of the Scepter of Domination series contains bonus content.