My Polished, Professional Thug

by Pebbles Starr

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The man of your dreams is usually just that….a dream. But what if he’s real? Mendesa is a young girl, with a good head on her shoulders and big dreams. Sometimes they’re too big. As she’s navigating through life, she soon finds out that sometimes our dreams are bigger than us for a reason.

Skot is everything your mama warned you about, wrapped in an Armani suit. He’s heartless, and will stop at nothing to secure the bag. Even if means destroying the life of the person who saved his. His treacherous ways don’t necessarily make him a bad guy, more so just misunderstood. With more secrets than a closed FBI file, Skot might learn too late that money isn’t everything.

There’s more than meets the eye to these two. Inexplicable dreams, chance encounters, and dark souls are working over time. But what does it mean? Will Mendesa’s naivety cloud her vision, or will she learn that some dreams are not meant to be reality? Can Skot spot the snakes in his midst, or will his greed cause him to pay the ultimate price?

Emmanuel aka “Mann” is Mendesa’s twin brother and they share a bond, like most twins do. However, that may not always be a good thing. Drugs and alcohol don’t do anything but make the darkness in his heart darker. Manipulating the people around him and striking fear in their hearts is what he does best. Will his destructive nature swallow his loved ones whole, or can they avoid being dragged to hell with him?

It’s not every day you read about some paranormal shit in the hood, but this polished, professional thug is no ordinary street nigga. Come along on this tale of love, sex, and sorcery. It’s as juicy as it is spell-binding!