Karak Contact

by Ruby Ryan

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Where did you come from, Eric?

A mysterious satellite crash. A late-night car accident. And a stranger who looks shockingly identical to the man on the front of Joanna’s book.

After hitting Eric in her car in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness, Joanna has no choice but to take him back to her cabin. But his wounds heal suspiciously fast, and she begins to suspect that his concussion is actually covering up some deeper secret.

She never would have guessed the truth.

When she discovers the man she’s taken to bed is actually Arix, a shapeshifter alien from the Karak Dominion of Planets, it’s all she can do not to run in terror. But as UFO hunters who noticed the spacecraft crash begin snooping around her cabin, Joanna and Arix are going to have to find a solution which keeps them both safe—which leads to them making an impossible, and downright crazy, decision.

KARAK CONTACT is the first book in the new Alien Shapeshifters romance series. It’s a full-length, standalone science fiction alien shifter romance novel, with steamy love scenes that will leave you fantasizing about your own sexy first contact. And of course, a guaranteed Happily Ever After!