Thirty Days of Hate

by Ginger Talbot

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Secrets and lies tore us apart. Can love keep us together?
SERGEI: Willow thought she’d escaped me, but she was wrong from the beginning, wrong about everything. I find her trying to take down a human trafficking ring, unsure whether I’m there to help her, or drag her down. But from now on, Willow doesn’t have a choice. She will be my wife. She will submit. She will play her role. 30 days until she becomes mine forever. 30 days for her final chance to run.
WILLOW: Sergei wants me to trust him. He orders me to marry him, and I get no say in the matter. But our enemies are circling in, enemies we didn’t even know we had. Evil is closer than ever, so close I can feel its hot breath on the back of my neck. He’s hunting me, and there’s nowhere left to run. I’ll have to face the devil himself – and I have a feeling he will make me pay in blood. I don’t know who to trust. Is Sergei the perfect liar – or the perfect lover?