Cursed with Pleasure: The Wizard’s Dark Magic, Bound

by Lexa Grandin

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A sensual tale of the greatest wizard in the three kingdoms and the meek librarian who dared to challenge him (Adults only)

It took an alliance of twelve wizards to bind the immense power of Aegoron the Sly. He can no longer harm any living being. He can no longer kill or cause pain. But he has other ways of getting what he wants.

Aurvanta the Librarian is shy, reserved, and bookish, but determined to stop Aegoron by any means necessary. She must either convince him to use his powers for good, or stop him forever. But Aegoron is hooked on power and will not give up his evil ways so easily. He's learned that even when he cannot hurt, he can drive his foes mad with pleasure.

An erotic tale of 12,000 words: contains mf and mff menage with magical BDSM elements