Charlie’s dream of seeing the Northern Lights has turned into a full-blown nightmare of cracking ice and a dead friend. Her best friend survived with the help of a knight in shining armor, well he’s a freaking dragon and Charlie’s world is about to change forever. After crashing into the snow they take shelter in a cave, which only seems to bring problems to the trio’s way. While his light blue eyes bring her in, his words keep pushing her away.

Darius has always made it clear, he doesn’t want a mate. He hopes having sex with the attractive Charlie will satisfy his dragon. When Charlie unknowingly claims Darius as she bites him, he’s fucking pissed. He won’t claim her. But his dragon reminds Darius of one small problem. In three freaking days his dragon will take over and go crazy if he doesn’t claim Charlie as his mate. He questions his choice when Charlie’s life is endangered.

The mating bond isn’t their only problem as polar bears and wolves threaten them in the cave and Darius has to make a choice, let Charlie die or change her into a dragon.

When they get back to safety, the little woman will test every ideal Darius has ever had about mating. With the impending war with the Nevada Clan every little choice could bring them together or pull them apart.