The Bantam: A Phantom Traveler Novella

by R J Theodore

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Ehli Landor is a hydrostat Iscillian, grown in a lab, designed for the singular purpose of serving as Bantam-weight custodian aboard the starship Landor.

She has a comfortable life, even if the Xendari crew that she serves are brutish, and ever-so-very vertebrate. After each shift, Ehli returns to her private quarters to paint or read before her sleep cycle.

Life has continued this way for four years, and Ehli is proud to keep the Landor in warranty-compliant condition with the other Iscillian aboard their ship. But one night, while reading, Ehli stumbles across a clue that changes everything she thought she knew, about who she is and her place in the galaxy.

Now Ehli must search for the truth which no one else believes she has a right to learn.

The Bantam is a 19,000-word novella leading into the subscription series, The Phantom Traveler, coming to in January 2018.