The Khaos Series - Khaos' Betrayal

by Ard Herring

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The progeny of Khaos will rue the day they conspired to usurp her and take what is not theirs.

Khaos, the creator of the universe, is at war. She is used to having control over everything in the universe, and no one, not even her descendants, will take her galaxy away from her. Come hell or high water, Khaos is going to make sure that her well ordered universe stays that way. Khaos holds within her conscious all of the gods that are destined to rule after her passing; Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, etc., but she does not trust them to control the universe in the manner that she does. Khaos will not allow the gods to be released in order to take over the galaxies, they want to escape, to do harm and destroy what she has methodically designed and built.
Khaos fights to contain the gods that are attempting to get out and assume their rightful place in the universe. She is battling her progeny, her enemies, her children! And that battle she is fighting within her mind causes her to lose control of the galaxies that paint her body on the outside. Her neat and orderly cosmos has gone to ruin because she cannot control both realities.
She is afraid to give her power to her progeny. What will become of her when she no longer controls all of the galaxies that she created? What will become of her precious universes? She designed them, her beloved worlds and stars, and wants them controlled to her specifications. Her children are greedy and selfish and will not rule in the manner that she has for all of the eons she has been alive.
Now her progeny want to overthrow her and reign over her realm, and they are willing to destroy everything, including and especially Khaos, in the process; they crave her destruction. But Khaos is strong, Khaos is smart, Khaos is determined and Khaos in not going to concede defeat without a mighty universe-altering fight.
Some of the gods she has held captive for eons escape and want not only their part of her realm, but vengeance for their imprisonment. Alone and fighting a losing battle, Khaos is captured and tortured. She finds hope, and a possible ally in the immature and naive goddess, Eurynome, but she must first convince Eurynome to trust her and allow her to escape.
Torn between her allegiances to her fellow gods and the visions of the past and future she has been allowed to see, Eurynome must make a gut-wrenching decision of who to align herself with. Determined to do what is best for herself and the universe, Eurynome decides to trust her instincts and follow a course that ensures that the universe is a thriving and prosperous realm.