Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in...Robot Rumble!

by Grant Goodman

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Since returning from her mission in Ninjastoria, Agent Darcy can’t think straight. Her hacking lessons with Agent Evelyn are boring, her classes seem pointless, and her curse can’t be cured.

Ninja Steve has come home to find that his parents have been captured. His sister, Nora, has a rescue plan, but it requires a treacherous journey beyond the borders of Ninjastoria.

When the mecha-moles launch an attack on the Bureau of Sneakery, Darcy finds herself on a perilous mission to save her comrades. Meanwhile, a familiar man in a gray mask arrives in Ninjastoria, carrying a mysterious gift that can’t be good for anyone. Or can it?

Every move brings Darcy and Steve closer and closer to the sealed-off country of Botsylvania, where a power-hungry robot is ready to start a revolution.

Get ready for spy gear and spin-kicks. Get ready for danger and daring. Get ready for…