Kissing Booth

by River Laurent

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When we were kids she set up a kissing booth in our schoolyard. Even then, I wanted to buy a kiss from her, but she ran away in tears. 
Twelve years later, I come home to find her in my asleep. 
It's just like Goldilocks, but with waves of long, dark-chocolate hair.
Hell, I don't even want to blink in case she disappears. 
I didn’t pay too much attention to my fairy tales. Did any of those bears get to the kiss the girl? 
Whatever, I'm not buying kisses these days. I'm all grown up now. There’s hot blood pumping through my veins, and I take what I want when I want it.
Hmm, come to think of it, I’m not in the market for kisses, but I could do with a fake fiancée.
This time there'll be no running away, Sweet Dani Sabre.... I’m claiming you for my own.
Who is this devastatingly gorgeous man?
Dark hair, ripped body and piercing blue eyes that smoulder right thought my soul.
He wants me to be his fake fiancée.
I’m not mad, so I said, “Yes.”