True Desires

by Rhea Wilde

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Sometimes real desires can be too hard to refuse...

"Noah... He's young. He's blond. He's tan with muscles that were chiseled from bronze. A smile that would make a woman melt. And his eyes... You could get lost in his blue eyes. Every woman in this city would gawk at him if he walked by.

Not me though. A woman my age has no business with a man like him. Maybe if this were college, things would be different. But now? No. The past should stay in the past.

So, why can't I stop thinking about him?
His bare skin against mine...
His hard muscles...
His strong and comforting embrace...

Are these real feelings I have for him or are these just desires I have from a past I left behind?

All I've found in this city is trouble. Noah might be the man who's going to save me from my troubles. Or he might be more trouble than anything else..."

After 20 years living abroad, Sheila returns home. The social worker has her hands full and nothing seems to be going right for her.

Everything changes late one night when she meets Noah. The younger man is a mystery to Sheila but increasing troubles turn a chance encounter into something more.

As secrets are revealed, Sheila has to make a difficult choice: give in to her lust and take a chance on Noah or avoid an inevitable heartbreak she knows all too well...

True Desires is an 80,000+ word, steamy, standalone romance novel. Explicit language. Mature readers only.

NO cliffhangers. NO cheating. HAPPY ENDING included.