Mr Darcy's Indecent Proposal: A Pride and Prejudice Steamy Romance Variation

by Jane Judy Russell

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Mr. Darcy
Oh my what have I done? I have done something I am not proud of. I told Mr. Bingley the woman I love’s sister was not suitable to be his wife! I must deal with this situation right now and pray she forgives me and accepts my proposal. However indecent it might be?

Elizabeth Bennett
Oh that Mr. Darcy is such a wicked soul! How could he possibly think I would accept his proposal after what he did? I doubt he would change maybe I should go with Mr. Wickham instead? I know what to do. I will visit the Gardiners in Derbyshire but will not visit Pemberley and I will not accept Darcy’s proposal. Oh, but mother says to find the truth about Darcy’s intentions first for she wants me married and Jane said I should follow my desires. Oh my heart hurts, for I want him still but is it worth it? Only one way to find out?

Ever wondered what lies behind the walls at Pemberley? Look no further, this is a steamy short account based on our favorite characters from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. This is our steamy fantasy of what might have happened. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger and no cheating! Sure to set your kindle alight enjoy! Steamy Filthy 18 + read