The Black Masquerade

by Andrea Pearson

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There's nothing like a ghost visiting you while you're waiting in line at the grocery store. Unfortunately for Lizzie, that isn't the only supernatural visit she'll receive...

When an angry ghost named Angelo threatens Lizzie and sets her house on fire, she knows the time has come for her to step fully into her role as destroyer of evil supernatural creatures. But things turn out to be much trickier than expected: the amulet doesn't function as she thought it would and fire vampires with unknown motives have set up camp in a nearby canyon.

Not only that, but the effigy that is distracting hounds from devouring her is still on the loose, and its shade owners want it back. They hand her an ultimatum: return the effigy, or they'll command it to destroy her.

And yes, it's something they can do.

Will Lizzie keep the ghosts happy while performing her sanctioned duties or will the hounds catch up to her before she's safe? Find out now by downloading this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy by bestselling author Andrea Pearson now!