A Spy with Werewolves

by Marla Braziel

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A new heroine. A secret operation. An experience that will forever change the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation.

Taya Raveen has failed. Infected with the lycanthropy disease and trapped inside the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation, her report on the reservation has been filed away never to be seen again. But someone did read it. Someone has been watching from the outside.

The sacrifice of a lifetime leads Cassandra Frost to the gates of the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation where she's welcomed with open arms. Little does the compound staff and other werewolves know that she's there with a purpose. Everything Cassandra does is being documented in an attempt to bring the reservation down from the inside out.

She enters the reservation with a plan, but things quickly turn upside down when she discovers the corruption of power from within the pack hierarchy. Will she be able to accomplish what Taya couldn't, or will she end up stuck in the reservation, a prisoner like the rest?