House Of The Golden Butterfly: A Paranormal Thriller

by B. Groves

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Claire Westcott recently inherited a house from her estranged grandmother—Rose. A house she didn't know still existed. A house with a deadly secret.

Her past is elusive, she's burned out from writing romance novels, so why not move into the house and make a fresh start?


After Claire moves in she sees her long-lost brother. That's great... except her younger brother —David—drowned in the river behind the house when he was three years old.
Or did he?
For twenty-three years, Claire lived with the knowledge that her parents died in a tragic car crash, where she and brother are sent to live with Rose. Then more tragedy struck when David drowned in the river behind the house, Rose went mad and sent Claire to live with other family members.

David's appearance releases the memories of what really happened when Claire and David lived at Kinsey House.
As Claire races to uncover her past, the truth becomes a terrifying nightmare.