Wolves for the Holiday 1.1

by Josette Reuel

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Jaz, Chaylea, and Gabby escape to a secluded cabin for a writing retreat.

The holidays were never easy for the three single women, so even a snow storm wasn’t going to force them back to all of their well meaning family and the happy couples they would have to deal with back home.

Then the wolves appeared.

Jaz couldn’t understand the connection that she felt for the huge beasts and her heart ached when the owner of the cabin showed up with a rifle.

A dream out of one of their books.

Jaz isn’t sure what to make of the three naked men that appeared out of the storm, but the instant lust has her doing things that are very out of character for her.

Is Ridge Jaz’s dream man? Will she cave to the passion between them or will she allow fear to keep her from what she wants?

**Previously Published in the "Wickedly Exotic Winter Erotic Wonderland" anthology. This is the first short story in the Holiday Pack series -- Wolves for the Holiday: Holiday Pack 1.1. This first book is being released as a serial release.**