Love Burns

by Josette Reuel

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Love Burns is for those readers who enjoy a bit of steam from this side of the bedroom door. A sweet paranormal romance, it takes us on a quick journey with Hy and Brann as they determine what they want from their relationship.
Hyacinth Sieress didn’t want to get burned by another bad relationship, and for a year she had been doing just fine on her own. Maybe her apartment was less than desired and seeing her ex every time he showed up with work for the agency she worked for wasn’t easy, but Hy was determined to be happy. Growing up in foster care, Hy had always been good at putting her best foot forward and making the best of a bad situation, and continued to do so. That was, until she looked up into the deep sea blue eyes of a god.

After meeting Brann Drahgue, Hy’s world was turned on it’s ear. Nightly dreams of the man and working with him all day long... even the prim and proper Hy was bound to break.

Can a dragon claim Hy's heart this Valentine's Day or will love burn her yet again?