Creative Magic

by Josette Reuel

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Just over six months ago a group of men on motorcycles rolled into town and Jenna Hawen’s dreams. After her cousin realized the dreams meant they’d found their mates you would’ve thought she’d been thrilled — they were tall, dark, and handsome after all. However, Jenna had once made a mistake that she promised to never make again.

Now, she was so tired and tormented that her magic was failing. As a Rhai’ud her magic worked with her creativity to create beautiful pieces of reclaimed items artwork. Artwork that she’d been unsuccessful with since two certain bear shifters decided to show up in town. Now the question was, would she have to break her promise to herself to save her business.

Magic has a creative way of making things happen.

For thirty-five years, Mason Wynn and Ethan Williams had been trying to prove who was top bear. Now, both of them were starting over with the other Gwar’Arth in the new den on Karhu Ridge and of course the rivalry began anew on that very first day when they’d both ran into Jenna Hawen.

For over six months, they’d watched Chase and Diesel make fools of themselves over their woman — seeing the bear shifters now happily in love with each other and Harley didn’t change the fact that both Mason and Ethan were determined that Jenna was going to belong to only one bear.

Now all they had to do was get close enough to woo their woman and get her to choose. Let the best Gwar’Arth win.