Last Wynter

by Simon A Marriott

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Lead by the king’s treasonous brother, a fanatical empire invades the kingdom of Odisseron, reigning terror on the citizens. Rynarr Wynter is determined to stop the hostile takeover. With a small cache of warriors, he embarks on a treacherous journey, rife with mystery, danger, and an elusive threat that’s waiting for an opportunity to strike. But that’s not the only threat the kingdom faces.

When a young prince stumbles about an ancient riddle, he unknowingly unearths an age-old mystery that will unleash a darkness the likes of which the world has never known, unless Atania Wynter can find a way to stop it.

Though, the Wynter’s journey in different directions, the dangers they face promise death for all. With Deadlings, epic battles, and a powerful curse looming overhead, the Wynter’s have yet to discover the most ominous threat. This one just may make Atania The Last Wynter