Marked By Fire

by Meg Ripley

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There were too many humans in New York City, but I took the job anyway. It was the best opportunity I would ever get at becoming a member of the Darkblood Society and being around my own kind again. I expected them not to trust me, to treat me like an outsider for a while. Just because I was a shifter like them didn’t mean anything.

What I didn’t expect was to fall for Sabrina. With that long, dark hair and those gorgeous green eyes, she just wasn’t like other humans. She pulled me in like a magnet, making it impossible to work with only an office door separating us.

The idea of getting involved with a human is complicated enough on its own. But I didn’t account for Sabrina’s eccentric dragon-hunting uncle, or her crazy ex who wouldn’t leave her alone and just happened to be harboring his own secret. Maybe this dragon doesn’t belong in the city after all.

**This is the second installment of the Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society series. Each story is a standalone and may be read in any order.

Book 1: Playing With Fire
Book 2: Marked By Fire