Wild for Two

by Katie Cody

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Alex Lockhart is furious. Her little sister has gone and gotten herself a fiancé in the jungles of Africa. Knowing her sister’s penchant for trouble she decides to meet the man in person, but unfortunately no one told her that the long-haul flight would be the least of her problems when she is assaulted in the airport lounge. Thankfully her sister sent two guides to keep her safe through the perils of the jungle, but who will protect her heart from the all too tempting twins?

Zeke and Zane jumped at the chance to escort the beautiful Alex to her sister. After seeing a picture of her, they knew instantly what she was to them, their mate. They didn’t think she would mind if they took the long way home on their journey to win her heart, especially if she didn’t know. What they didn’t count on was an old enemy coming back to haunt them. Now they must team up with some unlikely friends to save the woman they love.

Will Alex survive the perils of the jungle and the perils of the heart? Or will she meet her match when she finds she's wild for two?
This is a standalone series with a guaranteed H.E.A.