Beatings from My Billionaire (Full ARC)

by Xandra Owens

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Olivia Class is set to become a legendary screenwriter. But first she has to overcome a nagging self-doubt, fear-based procrastination, and a deep-seeded suspicion that having success will mean selling out. That’s before she meets the producer who will change all her perspectives.

Edmond Rockwell has no match in Hollywood. He has power, connections, and a private philanthropic predilection toward helping budding young female writers embrace their full potential. When Edmond meets Olivia, he must have her. But after she decides to move in with Edmond, Olivia learns who really has the power. And it isn’t who she thought.

Through a series of private educational lessons in Edmond’s dungeon, Olivia is able to face Hollywood’s most difficult audience – its producers and publishers – head-on. But the journey to sell her manuscripts is fraught with challenges from the male-dominated industry, which tries to use Olivia’s talent for their own gain. Can Edmond show Olivia how to stand up for herself, even as he beats her down?

This eBook is intended for audiences aged 18 and over. Reader discretion is advised.

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