Broken Vows: A Nun’s Taboo First Time

by Belinda LaPage

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Hobie just wants to enjoy some simple, guilt-free self-gratification watching his favorite hot movie scene, but fate seems to have other plans. Almost murdered by his DVD player, his rusted-out Corolla, and a speeding downtown bus, he finds sanctuary in the least likely of places—The Sisters of Grace Sperm Bank.

Well, at least that’s the priority task of the day sorted.

Mother Mary Benedicta runs a different sort of sperm bank, though. Since masturbation is a sin, the Brides of Christ must act as God’s right hand. Hobie can’t believe his luck when he’s paired with enthusiastic young nun Sister Mary Katherine. Mary Kate is totally inexperienced, so not everything proceeds to plan. However, she’s eager to learn at the hands of a patient instructor. There are so many fresh delights that a virtuous young nun could scarcely imagine, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Is there anything she won’t do for his donation? Hobie is keen to find out, but wonders if this is God’s idea of a test?

In turns hilarious, blasphemous, and scorchingly taboo, Broken Vows will leave you exhausted and sated, and yet still begging for more.