Shear Passion (Complete and Uncut Edition): An Australian Outback Romance

by Belinda LaPage

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An unlikely romance blooms in an outback shearing shed when the farmer’s daughter gives a visiting shearer a piece of her mind.

There's nothing hotter than an outback shearing shed. Back-breaking work. Sweat pouring off the shearers' bodies. It's no place for a woman.

A shame nobody told Sam. Fresh out of agricultural college, she'll do anything to convince Dad she's ready for more responsibility, so when he asks if she can help shear the last mob of ewes, she doesn't think twice. How hard could it be?

The shearers aren't happy to have a shiela in the shed. It's a man's domain. Always has been. Things were going so well when Sam first met Pat, the lean and handsome Queenslander, on the morning before shearing. She’d thought maybe... after the work was done... But that was then. With the others around, he shows his true colours and treats her like some pathetic kid playing farmer.

So much for the fledgling romance. Sam is a woman to be reckoned with. If Pat doesn't shape up, he’s on a fast track to a tongue-lashing.

The temperature in the shed soars. Tempers flare. Sam fights her attraction toward the handsome shearer. She’d love to show him she’s a lot more than some helpless little girl, but it’s been a long day—maybe he’s already noticed.

Shear Passion is a short Australian sheep-station romance, strictly for adults only.