Damage Control

by M. S. Parker

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The last book in the Billionaire's Muse series about four friends from the BDSM club, Gilded Cage.

No pretty face could tempt me to repeat my mother’s mistakes. Why would I want to? I didn’t need a man to be satisfied with my life. I’d graduated from college and had a full-time position at a PR firm. My future looked bright.

And then that idiot rock star had to go and make a fool of himself.

When Paige Ryce is sent on her first solo assignment, she’s more than a little annoyed that she’ll be repairing the image of rock’s newest bad boy Reb Union. She tells herself that she can be professional, but she soon finds Reb has a way of getting under her skin like no one else.

Will her prejudices about his profession, and the secrets of his past keep them apart, or will she help him find his music again?