Luscious Lemons Bars & Murder

by Caroline Chase

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He broke my heart in New York City.
Now he’s dead.
If only this were the start to a song...

Brynn Monroe thought she finally had her life sorted together.
She had just moved to Chesapeake Pointe. Taken over her Aunt Millie’s bakery.
Business was good. She was surrounded by friends and good times.
She thought she had banished the heartache and pain that she had felt in New York.
In fact, was it her or did she seem to be getting closer and closer to the local detective, Alec Anders?
Sure, they both said they were friends, but they both knew there was more under the surface.

Things were going great. And then Mike came back.

Not a blast from the past in a good way.
He said he was sorry. That he wanted to start over. To make up for hurting Brynn in New York.
But it meant giving up on the life she had built for herself.

Tough decision, right? Well, not anymore. Because he’s dead.

That’s right. Someone killed the man that broke her heart.
And they covered their tracks really well. Almost as if they knew what the cops would look for.
Almost as if they were jealous.
Trying to get him out of the picture as he tried to get too close to Brynn.

Almost as if it were…
No. It couldn’t have been Alec…could it?
Could Alec really kill someone to protect Brynn?

Now, to get to the bottom of Mike’s murder, Brynn needs to delve into an area that can be scarier than confronting killers.
Dealing with her feelings for Alec.

Bake Shop Murder Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read. Also includes a sweet scone recipe used in the book!