The Billionaire's Bet

by M. S. Parker

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290 pages stand-alone novel. Now with a new extended epilogue.
Brianna: Working as a hostess for one of the biggest casinos in Vegas, my job is simple: keep the wealthy clients happy by fulfilling their every need and desire. Happy and content so they wager their millions in our casino instead of going to the competition. That sometimes requires special "services" or favors, and with a promotion on the line, everything is fair game. Because, this is not for me; it's for my daughter.

Dorian: A bet is a stimulant more powerful than drugs or booze. No matter what you call it, there's nothing like the rush you feel when you lay it all on the line in a single wager. Winner takes all. That's why, my brother, Enzo, and I, make bets on anything and anywhere. It's not the money, believe me, our family has plenty. It's the thrill of winning...and proving to Enzo who's the smartest. Despite craving the addictive rush, we never take it seriously. It's all in good fun...except the big bet we made in Vegas about Brianna just got very serious.

The Billionaire’s Bet, is a full-length Romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!