Chasing Temptation

by M. S. Parker

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I’ve met the man of my dreams.
Glenn Jackson is everything I could possible ever want in a man, except for one little detail: he’s from a different time. 1962 to be exact, and I have no idea how to get back to him.

When Maya Cruz wakes up in 2017, instead of in the arms of her fiancé back in 1962, all she can think about is how to return – if she even can. Maybe she’s not supposed to get back. She saved Florence’s life, completed her mission. Perhaps that was all fate wanted of her.

However, when she learns that her lover's life and career spiraled downward after of her disappearance, she takes it upon herself to find a way back to him before it's too late.

You don’t want to miss Chasing Temptation, the second book in the Glenn Jackson Saga, by USA Today’s Bestselling author, M. S. Parker.