Surrender To Temptation

by M. S. Parker

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The exciting conclusion to The Glenn Jackson Saga.
I’d finally told the truth to the man I loved. The whole truth. That I was born thirty years into the future. That, when I'd disappeared, I’d returned to my own time, spent a few week, then returned here…pregnant. With his child. But for Glenn, I was gone three years. How could I expect him to believe me?

When Maya Cruz found her way back to the love of her life, she never expected that he would have moved on after just a few weeks. But it hadn't been just a few weeks for Glenn. It'd been three years, so now, she must do the same, move on. But setting off by herself, as an unmarried expectant mother in 1965, puts her in danger that she can’t even imagine.

Will Glenn accept the truth before it’s too late, or will Maya’s return to 1965 have been in vain?

Find the answer now in the final book of The Glenn Jackson Saga, Surrender To Temptation.