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Hero's Redemption

Georgie Lee

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London, 1817Devon, the Earl of Malton, is a hero for his deeds at the Battle of Waterloo. But he suffers terrible nightmares, and drinks himself to sleep most nights. A habit he vows to break when he awakes one morning to find a woman sharing his bed, no memory of how she got there, and her angry brother at his door.Cathleen is mortified when her wastrel brother and his greedy wife propose a blackmail scheme involving the earl, but as a penniless war widow she's at their mercy. She goes along with the plan and sneaks into Devon's bed one night, and ends up comforting him through a night terror.Charmed by her beauty and kindness, Devon determines that rather than pay the blackmail, he will offer his hand in marriage to Cathleen. Although she is deeply attracted to the stoic earl, Cathleen cannot understand why Devon would want to marry her. What she doesn't know is that Devon owes her a debt that can never fully be repaid...34,000 words1st place in the International Digital Awards for Historical Short.Other Regency romances by Georgie Lee:The Courtesan's Book of Secrets - now available for pre-order amzn.to/1lrOwBrEngagement of ConvenienceRescued from RuinLady's WagerOther period novels by Georgie Lee:Studio RelationsMask of the Gladiator(war, soldiers, Regency, England, PTSD, Waterloo)

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