Portia: A Short-n-Sweet Romantic Comedy

by Teddy Cat Hester

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Portia fled the jet-set lifestyle and French playboy who broke her heart.Thad vowed to track her down and keep her, in spite of her doubts and fears.Can a recovering recluse and a reformed rake recapture romance?
At nineteen, Portia Gladstone won the lottery and went off to see the world. In Alaska, she met and fell in love with a charming young Frenchman, but his career and lifestyle wrecked her, causing her to flee without so much as a goodbye. Stunningly handsome Thaddeus Boulay, born into wealth and power, lived a jet-setting playboy lifestyle perfect for the industrial espionage he performed for his family’s oil and gas business. While on a job in Alaska, he fell hard for the gorgeous cool blonde, and determined to leave his shady work and lifestyle behind for her. But she left him before he could make it happen.Fate reunites them in the Midwest USA where Portia now owns the Canine Country Club dog park and spa. Neither she nor her friends and their dogs are ready to accept him into their pack.Will Thad be permanently deactivated, or will he complete his mission to infiltrate the present, defeat the past, and steal Portia’s heart?
Portia is a standalone, short-n-sweet novella. That means for 2 hours or more, there's no cheating, no explicit sex, and no hardcore cussing. There is a guaranteed happily ever after, with no cliffhanger.