The Billionairess (A sweet billionaire romance novella)

by Ann Omasta

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Strong. Smart. Sexy. Rich. Lonely.
What if having it all isn’t enough?

Selena Chase has reached the pinnacle of success. She is a powerful, fiery, incredibly wealthy woman.

Although it hasn’t been an easy climb, she is proud to be one of the world’s only billionairesses.

It can be lonely at the top, though. Could it be that all of the goals she has been laser-focused on for her entire life weren’t what she truly wanted?

Can an ‘ordinary’ guy help Selena find the happiness she craves? Find out NOW by getting swept into the heartwarming story of The Billionairess.

This sweet billionaire romance novella can be read as a standalone book or as the third book in The Broke Billionaires Club series.