The Rescuer (A standalone steamy novella in The Lipstick Smudgers Series)

by Ann Omasta

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He owes her.
She needs him.
He'll save her... no matter what.

Imagine you are waiting in line at the bank. It's the most boring, normal thing in the world until a band of armed robbers arrives and wreaks havoc.

Becca Nickles was biding her time in line watching a lovely little girl and her handsome father communicate with each other through American Sign Language (ASL).

When the robbers invade, Becca becomes an unwitting hero by volunteering to be their hostage, in the place of the frightened young girl.

Cade Tanner owes his little girl's life to seemingly fearless Becca, and he will do whatever it takes to liberate the brave woman from the criminals.

The rescuer needs to be rescued.
Will Cade and Becca be able to save each other?
Find out NOW in The Rescuer.