Taken in Public: Dress Rehearsal

by Jessica Jewel

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Melissa’s marathon days are behind her—and she and boyfriend Josh miss the days filled with team runs and other group activities.

But when their friends Darryl and Zoey invite them to what they think is a comedy show—but which ends up being a live, voyeur burlesque—Mel and her Josh find their imaginations renewed. So much so that on a drunken lark, they decide to sign up to be participants in next week’s show.

Now that the spark has been reignited, they can’t get enough of their public pairings. And as they prepare for their big night on the stage—which could end up being a FFM show—they're going to need a dress rehearsal in front of Darryl and Zoey to convince themselves they’re up to the job.

PUBLIC THREESOME shares the spine-tingling voyeurism of experiencing simultaneous lovers in very public places. These steamy stories are filled to the sweaty brim with fantastical flirting, dirty talk, dominant alphas, spoiled brats, spouse swapping, and of course all your favorite MMF and FFM pairings.