His Captive Pet

by Measha Stone

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Aubree Stevenson isn't used to having a man order her around, but when her efforts to bring down a dog fighting ring put her life in danger and she is taken into protective custody, stern, handsome ex-Marine Blake Turner makes it clear that she will obey him or be punished.

After she puts Blake's word to the test, Aubree's bottom is bared for a painful, embarrassing strapping, and when she continues to defy her strict captor, she quickly discovers that he is prepared to take things much further. Soon enough, Aubree finds herself stripped naked, outfitted with a collar and tail, and eating from Blake's hand like an obedient pet. Yet to her dismay, her arousal grows more intense with every shameful display of forced submission.

Even as he masters her body and claims her in every way, however, Blake must keep his captive pet safe from both brutal criminals and her own recklessness. Will he prove up to the task?