Dating Vietnamese Women

by Elly Thuy Nguyen

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Hello! Xin Chao! I'm a Vietnamese woman, even if a pretty strange one.

I'm here to tell you what not to do. And also what to do. About what? About dating Vietnamese women.

Guys move to Vietnam just to date and marry a Vietnamese woman. Good for them, but they might be in for surprises. We're not all rice paddy hats and "love you long time." And we're also not as chaste and demure as some people think.

We Vietnamese women are pretty weird. And not just because Asians are weird. We Vietnamese are pretty weird even for Asians. Like how we are initially very forward, bordering on aggressive, with a guy we like, and then we suddenly turn cold? No other Asians do that. And there are lots more of our weird behaviors I've described here.

This book tells you how to tame us and our weird behaviors or expectations. Or at least how to date us without falling flat on your butt. I explain the general dating paradigm, where-to-meet-chicks tips, Vietnamese culture and language, and the all-important stuff about marriage expectations and money.

The book is focused on dating Vietnamese women in Vietnam, but it will serve you well no matter where you are.

Don't make a big faux-pas. Don't make her get all Viet-angry on you when you don't even know why. Don't make her parents disown you. Read this book, ok?

Have fun, find love, and get with a hot, hot Viet girl. No rice paddy hat, thanks.