Love Me

by Kayla C. Oliver

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I wasn’t just going to give the job to her—she was going to have to earn it.


I have a plan, a plan for success, and I’m going to make sure that no woman slows me down. So when the beautiful, raven-haired Alena Halpin walks into my office for an interview, I think she’s going to be just like all the rest. I want her, so I’ll have her and then I’ll be on my way. Thing is, after I met her once, all I wanted to do was give her this job she didn’t deserve.


My plan is to get a job—any job—just so I can make enough money to provide for my mother and little brother. I know I was shooting above my weight with this job interview. There was no way I was getting it. But a girl’s gotta try, right? Not only was I not prepared for the interview, the man interviewing me was the hottest guy I had ever set my eyes on. I was glad I didn’t get the job. I wouldn’t have been able to work in that office with him anyway.

I was wrong. He wants me to have the job, but at what cost?