Sweet Pregnant Omega

by Dex Bass

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Lonely alpha doctor Arlo wants to be a father, but the omegas he meets just don't get him.

His assistant Ollie is perpetually heartbroken over an alpha coworker who got away. Ollie won't let himself love any man who might actually love him back.

Ollie is fertile and ready to be pregnant, but he knows no man will love him, and he'll have to be a single father. That and there's a tall, buff omega named Otto who's a much better match for Arlo than Ollie could ever be.

If Arlo is ready to settle down and Ollie finally believes that he's good enough to love, these two sweet guys can find love and fatherhood together.

Sweet Pregnant Omega is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with two sweet hunks, a sassy omega's exhausting pregnancy, strange sandwich orders, rooftop love, a really cute baby, and a feel-good HEA.