Wimbledon, Kentucky

by H. Claire Taylor

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Who needs a hero when there's a scapegoat?

Laurel Sapphire’s dinner parties have never been a huge hit. But that all changes when her guests discover that it never warmed up after winter ... and it’s now the middle of August.

As word spreads from Wimbledon, Kentucky, to the rest of the world, which is also downright chilly, so does total panic, and suddenly Laurel's hometown finds itself at the epicenter of a global crisis.

After a multinational summit of heads of state decides to pass the buck along, saving the world falls to the good people of Wimbledon.

With no other option, Laurel Sapphire plans yet another dinner party—this one assembling the greatest minds of Wimbledon into her cramped and poorly decorated dining room in hope of discovering a solution to the global cooling crisis.

Do the best and brightest of rural America have what it takes to save the world from ... moderate discomfort?

Wimbledon, Kentucky is a sharp, playful satire and the lightweight weekend read you've been craving. Fans of H. Claire Taylor will not be disappointed by this delightful comedy. Buy Wimbledon, Kentucky to start laughing your ass off instantly.