And It Was Good

by H. Claire Taylor

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The world needs a miracle. God’s daughter needs a freaking vacation.
As she enters the uncharted territory of high school, Jessica McCloud could use a few more friends who believe in her. Of course, that means something entirely different for the daughter of God.

After her two-millennia-dead half-brother visits her in a dream and tells her it’s time for her to stop messing around, Jessica begins the hunt to discover what miracles she can perform. And if one of them happens to win the heart of her long-time crush, Greg, then so be it.

But when a reporter with a grudge against God catches wind of her first miracle, Jessica stumbles her way through one scandal after another until she wonders if the world wouldn’t be a much happier place with no miracles at all.

The second book in the Jessica Christ series, And It Was Good brings the comedy and will leave you laughing and groaning from cover to cover of this satire. Read in public at the risk of looking like a lunatic.

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