It is Risen

by H. Claire Taylor

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Let there be adulting.
Post-collegiate life in Austin, Texas, is going as well as Jessica McCloud had expected, meaning it’s exhausting and lonely and she’s mega broke.

If she’s ever going to get her business off the ground, though, she needs to get her ass in gear. After all, groceries don’t pay for themselves.

But that’s what credit cards are for, right? Same could be said for winning scratch-off tickets, except Jessica is done accepting her heavenly father’s help. If she’s going to make something of herself, she’ll accomplish it on her own, sans divine intervention.

In the meantime, there’s a book of enigmatic half-truths making the rounds that she’s long overdue for reading. No, not the Bible, but the official memoirs of Reverend Jimmy Dean, for which she definitely didn’t write the foreword, regardless of what Jimmy claims. She may not know what’s between the covers, but she does know it’s part of a plot he’s hatching … though how his scheming will manifest this time is anyone’s guess.

Can Jessica get traction with her bakery before the other pearly white boot drops on Jimmy’s latest power grab? And is there even a point to making something of her life when a smarter, wealthier, more charismatic force is set on twisting whatever she achieves to his own advantage?

It is Risen is the fifth book in the Jessica Christ series of comedy satire masterpieces. If you like snarky humor, fresh takes on feminism, and adult hijinks, then you’ll love H. Claire Taylor’s divine comedy.
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