A Birthday Surprise:

by Sidney Sitravon

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A big birthday is coming, and there is only one thing on Mr. Smith's wish list… pretty much the only thing a guy could ever want. His wife agrees to his request, under one condition: he can’t mention it until the night it happens. What happens when a birthday celebration doesn’t go as planned? Will the one chance to live out a night of the most incredible pleasure imaginable be blown? Or will Mr. Smith uncover a hidden side to his wife he never knew existed? Find out in “A Birthday Surprise.”

"Oh my..."

"Short, hot, unbelievable."

"Please let this be my birthday."

If you are a fan of ménage romance, FFM threesome stories, and just plain old good times, consider "A Birthday Surprise."

From Sidney Sitravon, author of The Anklet and Katelyn's Stranger Series.

Sophisticated. Sexy. Erotica. For men, women, and couples.