The Anklet: A Wife with Stranger Tale

by Sidney Sitravon

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When Katelyn accidentally discovers that the anklet her husband gave her has a hidden meaning, her life takes a turn for the unexpected.

Meet Katelyn and Steve--a happily married suburban couple with a life that many would envy: great jobs, beautiful home, wonderful friends, and the best part of all, they are still as in love with each other as the day they met. Then why does Katelyn find a new sensation stirring up inside of her the moment she meets a tall stranger in a hotel bar, who mistakes her for a hotwife who wants to be shared?

The Anklet is the introduction to the Katelyn’s Stranger Series. If you are a fan of wife watching, wife sharing, cuckold, and hotwife stories containing voyeurism and threesome fantasy sex, consider The Anklet.

This book is the first in The Katelyn's Stranger Series by Sidney Sitravon. Sophisticated erotica for men, women, and couples.


"... a loving couple with a kinky side... my kind of read."

"Definitely a lot of love combined with sexy scenes."

New edition contains foreword by Kenny Wright.