Red 32: Katelyn's Final Bet: (The Stranger in Las Vegas)

by Sidney Sitravon

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Make no mistake about it--Katelyn wants her ultimate fantasy to come true. And what place better to make this happen than the city of decadence and debauchery... Las Vegas?

After months of weighing the options, Katelyn and Steve have decided to take the final step in their marriage and allow Katelyn's fantasy of being with a stranger to come to life. The only problem is once Katelyn and Steve arrive in the City of Sin, they have a slightly different idea of how things should unfold. Will Katelyn get what she finally wants, or will her husband decide to put an end to their dangerous games?

One thing is for certain... it would be unwise to bet against the confident and sexually charged Katelyn when she's letting everything ride on her final bet.

The final chapter in this trilogy explodes with both passion and uncertainty as Katelyn and Steve embark on the biggest journey of their lives. This is Book Three in Katelyn’s Stranger Series. If you are a fan of wife watching, wife sharing, cuckold, and hotwife stories containing voyeurism and threesome fantasy sex, consider Red 32: Katelyn's Final Bet, by Sidney Sitravon, author of The Anklet.

Sophisticated erotica for men, women, and couples.

"The exciting conclusion to Katelyn's Stranger Series will leave you gasping for breath... literally."

"There is nothing hotter than the love between Katelyn and Steve... except for what happens when they arrive in Vegas!"

"Mind-blowingly erotic."