A Valentine's Surprise

by Sidney Sitravon

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When Brian’s wife Sarah reveals a hidden secret, she shows him a Valentine's Day he will never forget.

Brian and Sarah have fallen into a trap. Every year on Valentine's Day they've eaten at the same restaurant, had the same wonderful meal, and returned home to their same wonderful life. Except the truth is, things aren’t that wonderful. Little does Brian know, Sarah has kept a secret hidden from him… a secret that could be the answer to their problems.

If you are a fan of ménage romance and threesome erotica, consider "A Valentine’s Surprise."

Part of The Surprise Series from Sidney Sitravon
Sexy erotica, with a naughty twist.

"great erotic story for a couple to read together"

"… soft, romantic, and hot!"

"a short and sexy Valentine's romp guaranteed to warm up any winter evening."

A Valentine's Surprise, by Sidney Sitravon. Author of The Anklet, and Katelyn’s Stranger Series.
Sexy | Sophisticated | Erotica