Don't Think Twice

by Nikky Kaye

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When friends become lovers, is their relationship screwed?
WILL Cassie is more than a friend with benefits, and I love helping her overcome her shyness in the bedroom. Now our teaching assistant has his eye on her too and all my primitive instincts are taking over. Maybe I'm being a bit possessive, but what have I got to lose?
CASSIE I told Will that once should be enough, but he's determined to make me scream over and over again... I feel truly sexy for the first time in my life, but with a new wager on the line I'd better think twice before falling for my best friend.

This sequel to the sexy new adult romance novella Once Should Be Enough can be read as a standalone--but you might want to sit down (on a towel). If you like your romance hot and fun, then Don't Think Twice!