Quicksilver One, Two, Three

by Sydney Blackburn

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Meet Silver Tation, charming, handsome swindler and safe cracker. He plies his trade on criminals, who are not inclined to report his escapades. He meets Grace Reyes while exacting a little Quicksilver revenge on Titan in Diamonds and Quicksilver. In A Line Drawn in Quicksilver, Sil meets his match in crime...and in love? Always one step ahead of Interplanetary Law Enforcement Officer Nick Delaney, until the detective asks for help in Quicksilver Taxed.

This collection contains the first three Quicksilver adventures PLUS three new short stories exclusive to this collection!

These stories are set in a place where sexuality and gender identity have ceased to be important social issues. Marriages are contracted between any number of consenting adults, regardless of gender or sex. If any of that troubles you, thank you for reading this far and I wish you happy fiction elsewhere!