The New Omega Doctor Is Way Too Hot

by Dex Bass

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Doctor Otto Och leads a charmed life, you'd think.

He's a 6'5" omega at the top of his profession, he's ripped without even working out much, and he's handsome enough to get comments from random alphas. All the time.

It's not easy being a sex object and a harassment target. Otto moves to Springville in search of an alpha who would love him and protect him, not just try to grope him.

A steamy hospital gym encounter introduces Otto to the gorgeous, very masculine, and very single alpha Doctor Alf Albertson. Alf doesn't pursue anybody. If they want him, they can ring his bell. Alf and Otto are a natural fit. He cherishes and protects Otto without even mentioning it. It's just how he is.

Their lovemaking brings Otto a surprise, but Alf isn't the settling-down kind, and a scandal from the past makes Otto doubt everything.

The New Omega Doctor Is Way Too Hot is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with a masculine alpha protecting a gorgeous omega, salty caramel milk, innovative ways to write the number 11, a wisecracking newborn baby boy, and a feel-good HEA.