Protecting My Bitchy Freshman Omega

by Dex Bass

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A jock, a nerd, and a baby...

College swimmer jock Asher is "popular." Sure. That just means people pretend to like him when they need a favor. The more "popular" he becomes on campus, the lonelier he feels. He's human too. Not that anybody seems to care.

Owen is a freshman everyomega. He's just starting college and he'd love to have his first boyfriend. He knows well enough that a handsome jock is out of his league. But he can dream.

Owen can't forget the perfectly handsome jock who saved him from alpha bullies. The thing is, Asher can't forget Owen either.

They're not dating. They're not boyfriends. Asher is just teaching Owen the facts of alpha-omega life. In his dorm bed. In the nude.

Owen discovers he's carrying the baby he's always wanted, but he knows alphas like Asher never commit. Unless...

Protecting My Bitchy Freshman Omega is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with a protective alpha, a snarky omega, chocolate milk, anteater kisses, a cute bun in the oven, and one heck of a feel-good HEA.