Hard & Fast

by Crimson Vixens

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You ready to get your motor running?
I’ll ramp you up so fast, you’ll need to strap in.
Your engine will love me.
What can I say? It’s a gift.
I’m good with…lubrication.

You wouldn’t expect Jenna to be with me.
She’s smart. Funny. Caring. Sweet.
I’m the billionaire playboy.
Got so bored, I became a race car driver.
The most eligible race car driver at that.
She wants me the moment she walks onto the racetrack
But I know what she’s after.
She’s trying to steal my secret formula.
Well, she can try.
I’ll let her think I’m smitten.
I’ll play along as long as I can play with her.
Own her soul. Ravish her body.
And afterwards?
She might end up stealing my formula.
But not before I steal her heart.
Leave her with some dirty memories.
And a cute little 6-pound trophy for her trouble.